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On history
Wuxi Baoda, we mainly do the production design and manufacturing of the plastic pipe welding machines in China. And we are also one of the earliest companies engaged in this field many years ago.
With the development of the company these years, we have produced series of products. And our products are well sold in all the provinces nationwide. And in overseas markets, we have sold the products to our customers to many countries in like, Asia, South America, Middle East, Australia, Africa, and Europe.
As we always put the production quality as the first consideration to our customers these years. We have been made the long-term cooperative partnership with many customers inside and outside of China, like gas and water supplying companies, engineering companies and so on.
We have a good technical team that can support our customers any time and any where. Also our R&D team have made much contribution to our products, they are the most professional team in China.
Our company is in line with the ISO90001: 2008 international quality certification. And we will do the continuously improvement of our products, and provide the best service to customers.
Our Factory
Our company has the complete system of design, development, production and sales. We have a total of two layers of workshop, the first floor is the processing production area, and the second one is the office and warehouse area, with a total area of about 5000 square meters.
The warehouse of accessories is about 500 square meters, the finished product area is about 1000 square meters, and the assembly workshop area is about 2000 square meters, and the office area is about 1000 square meters.
We run the company according to the policy that is non-pollution and less interference. So the workshops of electrical assembly and mechanical job are isolated with some boards.
There are about 30 medium and high-end skilled engineers in our company, work for jobs like electric, mechanic and design. And about 10 people do some management job. Many of them are in the company when founded.
Our Product
For many years running, we design and produce several series machine products to the market and clients.
We produce various series HDPE pipe machines, mainly for two fields: pipe welding and pipe cutting.
In pipe welding field, we have the series as bellows according to the different pipe shape and material:
BRDH(S) series, is the kind of machines that can be operated in the manual way or hydraulic mode, which is for the straight pipelines welding job.
The product started with BRDHS, means the manual welding machine, and the BRDH means the hydraulic welding machine, which is powered by the oil pump and the electrical motor.
BRDHA series, totally automatic welding machine for HDPE pipes.
BRWH series machines, are used for bellows pipe welding jobs.
BDRJ series, are the electric fusion welding machines for HDPE plastic pipe.
BWG series, are for the industry insulation pipe welding, especially in the oil industry.
BRMH series machines, can make pipe fittings as saddle-shaped.
BRSH series machines, are socket welders for joining pipes and fittings. There is an aluminum heating plate and a heat-insulated plastic handle.
Also, for pipe cutting, the machines can meet the customer's various cutting requirements, such as length, angle, etc.
BRGH series, is the kind of machines for multi-angle pipe welding job. This series machine can be processed in different shapes of pipe fittings, such as Y-type (angle of 0-45 degrees), cross-shaped and ball valve.
BSCJ series, are band saws with electric workshop for cutting plastic pipes at the angle of 0-45 degrees.
BRJH series, are the saw machines used for arc pipe cutting.
The BDRJ series electrical fusion machines, suitable for welding pipes and fittings which are used for the transport of gas, water. Also can be used to build the drainage piping system, kitchen and toilet sewer (PP, HDPE, PP-R pipes).
Product Application
All of our products, can be used for pipe fitting making indoors, and the pipeline construction works outdoors.
To pipe manufacturers, they can use our products for making different pipe fittings, such as Tee-type and cross-type etc. And the angle between two pipes can be from 0-67 degrees.
The machines are suitable for HDPE, PP, PP-R, PVDF pipes and fittings. And the pipe diameter can be from 63mm to 1600mm, and even to the 2000mm if our client ask for needs, we can also customize for it.
Many years of development, we have accumulated a lot of customers, such as pipe manufacturers, water companies, gas companies, oil companies, drainage companies, engineering companies, real estate agencies and even the governments.
Our Certificate
In order to enhance the competitiveness of our products, we always take the product quality as the first business objectives. So our products have been passed some certification, like GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008, EN ISO 12100:2010, EN 60204-1:2006+AC:2010. Also our company passed the certificate of "AAA-Level Contract and trustworthy enterprise of Wuxi city" in 2014.
Product Equipment
We have some equipment for producing our products, lathe, drilling machine, crane, milling machine, electric drill, oil pump, paint spray and so on.
Product Market
Our products have covered all provinces in China, including some large country-owned enterprises, like CNOOC, CGE(China Geo-engineering),
Our products have been exported to five continents, including many countries, such as in Africa, there are South Africa, Benin, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia. In Oceania, there are Australia, New Zealand. In Asia, our clients come from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and so on. In Europe, we have our clients from Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Denmark, Finland. In South America, Chile, Brazil and so on.
Our Service
Presales support
When the client or potential client wants to buy our products, he or she can contact us from email, phone call or social network and so on. We will be the first time to reply in less than one hour. And we can help the client to find the best solution to its needs.
After sales support
We have local, remote technical support as well. If our client needs the local assistance, we also can send our engineers to the client's spot for job training, machine maintenance and problem fix.
And we have the service hotline for the clients all over the world, that will record the questions our client asks, and will reply back in 24 hours.
Sales support
Baoda have the whole technical training system for our clients. For many years now, we have been in the continuous improvement of the training system, including the product paper, video and manual training. These training ways are aimed to teach our client how to operate our products in a very short time and the best way, and how to supply the "first aid" when it is necessary.
Product warranty
We have built the product warranty system for all of the products, with our products sale and maintenance for our clients. When our client buy a product, the warranty paper will be submitted to client along with the product at the same time. And our client can have the warranty service according to the warranty details.Thermal Insulation Pipe Welding Machine price
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Brass faucet cartridge (valve core)
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