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18 oct. 2022 à 3h33   Centres d´appel   Agadir   114 vues
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The wounded wailed, waving their remaining arms, and ran into Sangoruo, but they only took half a step and fell down. The middle-aged monk beside him hugged him tightly and helped him stop bleeding while reciting scriptures. The wounded man's body twitched violently and gradually lost his breath. Sangoruo stretched out his finger, flicked the tip of the sword, and the blood dripped into countless powder beads, which were sprinkled on the faces of the monks. The monk of Erlun Monastery raised his head, his eyes full of anger, and wished he could cut the enemy into pieces. Sangoruo said lightly, "Do you remember who the goddess Pafanti is?" The monks did not say a word, and their teeth were about to be broken. Sangorro smiled, looked at his fingers, and counted, "One." With a light sound of the brush, the long sword was pointed at a young Lama. The young Lama looked only 12 or 13 years old, as if he had just entered the temple to practice Buddhism. He was so frightened that his face turned pale and he shrank behind the middle-aged monk. Two His smile was still warm, but his voice was cold. Before the word "three" was uttered, the middle-aged monk let go of the corpse and protected the young Lama behind him. He said in a deep voice, "Goddess Pafanti is the wife of Shiva, the God of destruction in Indian legend. It is true that her statue was once hidden in the temple, but it is no longer there. Sangorro gave a cry and said with a smile, "Where?" The middle-aged monk looked up at Sangoruo and said, "I was cremated with the Living Buddha a month ago." Sango frowned slightly. "Cremation?" The middle-aged monk nodded and said, "Because that picture was originally a secret thing handed down from generation to generation by the Erlun Monastery. There has never been a copy of it. It was only tattooed on the Living Buddha." Sangoruo's face sank. The middle-aged monk smiled sadly and said,ultrasonic dispersion machine, "a month ago, the Living Buddha looked into the future and knew that the Mandala religion would awaken the God of destruction, Shiva, and cause a catastrophe to destroy the Buddha. The necessary opportunity for the God of destruction, Shiva, to awaken lies in this statue of the goddess Pafanti!"! The Living Buddha knew that his power could not compete with the Mandala Demon Sect, so he could not show his silence in advance. He told us to cremate his body with this picture and end the karma! The middle-aged monk suddenly raised his head and stared at Sang Geruo, saying, "Now, even if you kill all of us and raze the Erlun Temple, the statue of Pafanti will never be found again!" Sang Ge Ruo Qingjun's face suddenly rose with a cold intention of killing. "Then I'll have to kill all of you and search for the image of the goddess inch by inch!" The voice did not fall, the sword light has been released like a dragon, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic cutting machine, the dark temple was illuminated by a piece of blood light, the moment has been restored to calm. He just stared at the middle-aged monk and said in a deep voice, "Are you willing to hand over the ashes now?" The middle-aged monk's face was full of grief,ultrasonic handheld welder, but he forcibly suppressed it: "The ashes of the Living Buddha have already been scattered into the holy lake." With an even colder smile on his lips, Sangoruo blew a breath at the tip of his sword: "Your Living Buddha has been practicing a kind of Dharma for nearly ten years. After his death, his body will not decay for a hundred years and will not be invaded by fire or water. What method did you use to cremate him?" The middle-aged monk was stunned and could not speak any more.

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