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The moment they stepped on the long-lost ground, they felt as if they had entered another world. Here is a terrible high altitude, flying all the way, the air is getting thinner and more terrible, but the air here is too full and fresh, a few minutes of casual breathing will feel a sense of pleasure. At his feet, there was a neat dark floor, and no sign of damage could be found. Surprisingly, apart from these, there was nothing in front of us except the flat ground, neither any people or creatures, nor any trace of the "door" leading to the land of God. This Chu Jingtian looked around, here is too flat and empty, it is impossible to hide anything, at a glance can receive all the fundus. No Nothing! There is no God of trials, no door to the land of gods! What is the purpose of the existence of the Tower of God. Is this just a funny trick? The audio version of the legendary Tianchen is as follows: pUpp? It is now in the first episode. In fact, how I long to be someone's voice. UutXT. Com interpretation pattern banyue plating Volume 9 The Continent of God Volume 8 One Finger Covers the Sky Chapter 501 The Mysterious Man in Black Word Count: 3950 Chu Jingtian cast his eyes on Ye Wuchen, and Leng Ya also looked at him. Ye Wuchen looked straight ahead. The expression on his face was not disappointment or confusion, but a kind of inexplicable excitement. You Yes Who Looking at the empty front, he said three slightly trembling words, at the same time, I do not know whether intentionally or unintentionally,temperature scanning kiosks, his hand pressed on his heart, where is beating crazily, in the heart, resounded with the sound of drums. Like Chu Jingtian and Leng Ya, he only saw the emptiness, but the crazy throb of his soul power that never deceived him told him that there was a man ahead, a man they could not see. No, maybe it's not a man, but a God. It may be the legendary God of trials that appears here. This should be a person I have never seen before,smart whiteboard price, why the power of the soul will be restless so strong-never strong! Even if the night came, his soul power had never been so violent, it was a kind of restlessness that almost burst his consciousness sea. Heh. Unexpectedly, you can actually see me, not bad. It seems that you have a little hope of passing my test! Empty front, suddenly came a hoarse voice, this voice let Chu Jingtian suddenly startled, cold cliff also suddenly heavy eyebrows. Hidden figure is nothing, but in such an open hiding, they did not notice its existence at all, which can only be described as "incredible" four words. What is more terrible is that he has already made a sound, but they are still unaware of his existence, unable to lock his position. Vaguely, the sound was coming from the front. And the front is still empty. Hidden? Could it be the so-called "invisibility" in the myth! "Who are you?" Ye Wuchen calm breath, once again asked in a low voice, smart interactive whiteboard ,face recognition identification, at this time he is obviously more calm than just now. In front, suddenly came a person, in the eyes of three people change, this person is actually out of the air, and as if from an invisible door out, so slowly step, A force so great that he could not believe it came from the finger,thermal imaging camera, which held his wind-breaking blade to death, and no matter how hard he tried, he could not withdraw it. This is What power!.

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