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16 mars 2023 à 2h41   Banque   Casablanca   66 vues
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Transparent LED Display manufacturers 1. Transparent, transparent LED display provides unparalleled transparency (55% to 93%). Traditional LED window displays are like a dark wall, so shoppers can't see what's inside, and they block the sunlight, so your indoor area needs a transparent LED screen with better light transmission. 2. Modular design to create the size you need, which can be used to make small, medium, large and even super large LED screens without size restrictions. In theory, no matter what size you build, the high-quality brightness, high resolution and transparency will remain the same. The lightweight aluminum module frame is perfectly designed to ensure perfect alignment when assembling the digital LED signs. 3. Lightweight and compact, with a unique experience. The design takes into account efficiency and functionality. The transparent LED display uses lightweight engineering aluminum and proprietary technology. This means that its display modules weigh only 10 kg per square meter, which makes them cost-effective to transport and easier and safer to assemble. 4. Easy to maintain, your transparent LED display requires minimal maintenance. The LED strip has a long life expectancy and can be replaced quickly and easily when needed without replacing the entire module. As long as the repair is completed within a few minutes at a very low cost, your digital LED sign will last for years. 5. Easily update marketing content, and it is very simple to program and update the transparent LED display (static graphics and video). For portable LED poster displays, you can program the LED display directly from the computer, and for larger custom LED displays (for example, clear walls, curves, or cylinders), the control system unit connected to the computer allows you to Make changes. The intuitive software interface allows you to easily update the display in real time, remotely or in advance, so your logo is always up to date. 6. Strong anti-collision performance of lamp beads 7. Very high perspective rate, with 70%-95% permeability, ensuring the original lighting perspective function of the glass curtain wall. 8. It does not take up space and is light in weight. The thickness of the main board is only 10mm, and the general weight of the display screen is only 15Kg/銕? and it is directly fixed on the glass curtain wall without changing the building structure. 9. No steel frame structure is required, saving a lot of installation and maintenance costs. It is directly fixed on the glass curtain wall without any steel frame structure, saving a lot of cost. 10. Unique display effect, because the display background is transparent, it can make the advertising screen feel like it is suspended on the glass curtain wall, and has a good advertising effect and artistic effect. 11. Maintenance is convenient and fast, and indoor maintenance is fast and safe, saving manpower and material resources. 12. Energy saving and environmental protection, no need for traditional refrigeration system and air conditioning heat dissipation, more than 30% energy saving than ordinary LED display.Transparent LED Display manufacturers website:

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