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See the clouds falling from the sky. The strong man swallowed his saliva with difficulty. He glanced behind him. I was going to run again. But there was a dead end behind him. He was suddenly desperate. Hua Yun approached the strong man and picked up the man's collar. Lift him up high. Holding up the blue liquid bottle, Hua Yun asked the strong man, "Who sent you to attack me?"? And what is this east? "My Lord!"! Please leave Kerton alone. Kerton | I don't know what this is. The strong man named Kerton was frightened and begged for mercy. It can fall from the sky. The strength of the black-haired boy in front of him is at least above the true God. Strength above the level of the true God. If you know that the former man is the strength of the true God. I'm not going to do this business. I'm gonna ask you again. Who sent you. What is this thing? Hua Yun can be sure. This bottle could be the strange liquid that Kerton just stabbed himself in the shoulder. Adult! I really don't know what this thing is. The man who sent me is a thin man. He paid me two hundred psionic yuan to pierce these things into your body. Adult! Please let me go. I promise you. I'll check it for you as long as you give me some time. I'm sure I can help you find the man. Kerton said again and again. Why should I believe you? "My Lord!" Kerton was suspicious. He immediately spat out a small white ball from his mouth. He handed it to Hua Yun and said,whirlpool hot tub, "This is my life.". You have this thing. It's like taking control of my life. I know you won't let me go. But before that. I want to ask you to spare my life for a while. "Why should I spare your life for the time being?" "Actually, my Lord.". You don't ask. I'm gonna find that guy, jacuzzi swim spa ,best whirlpool tub, too. He gave me false information and lied to me that he was just a master of the holy order. I must get even with him. Speaking of the end. Kerton looked firmly at Hua Yun. Be bold! I didn't think this Kerton would dare to do it if it wasn't for the fact that Kerton stabbed himself. Hua Yun won't chase him either. "Are you so confident?" "Of course!"! I have a reputation for chasing news. It is known as the first in Kasyapa Sky City. No one dares to be the second. Don't say Ye Tiancheng. Even the northernmost Nali Sky City, I can find it. Kerton raised his head proudly. OK! Keep your life yuan. You'd better not lie to me. Otherwise, the entire Kasyapa Sky City will be overturned. I'll catch you, too. Hua Yun took Kerton's life away. Thank you, my Lord! Dick arched his hand. Ready to leave. Wait! "My Lord!"! Is there anything else? "Since you say you can even find the most beautiful Sky City.". Then I want you to check someone for me. "No problem!" Look at Kerton's confident face. Hua Yun suddenly had a feeling. Maybe. Maybe Kerton can help him find out where Luna is. Immediately. Hua Yun told Ke some signs of Luna at the same time. He also gave Kerton the features of Mina. Lest he mistake Mina for Luna. Kerton in order to confirm Hua Yun to Luna's special. Specially repeated it to Hua Yun. After listening to Kerton's retelling. Hua Yun was secretly taken aback. Not only did Kerton repeat the characteristics he had given about Luna word for word. He also believed in the difference between Meina and Luna. No wonder Kerton is so confident. It turns out that you have this ability. After Kerton left. Hua Yun is preparing to leave. Ben Lei suddenly ran head-on. See Hua Yun. Ben Lei quickened his pace with joy. Jumped up to Hua Yun's shoulder. Goo goo. Running to the thunder side doing the action. He sent a message to Hua Yun. What! Did you say something happened to Big Brother Tebija? Heard the news from Ben Lei. Hua Yun was startled. Goo goo. Ben Lei nodded his head fiercely. Go! Back to the hotel! Hua Yun simply flew toward the hotel. Back at the hotel. Anya and others had already gathered in Huayun's room. And Dibica. Sit aside. His face was full of gloom. Brother Debija! Hua Yun hurried forward. Brother Huayun! It's all right if you come back. Depekah saw Huayun. A raw smile. What the hell is going on? The breath on your body. Why is it all gone? Only then did Hua Yun discover that there was no amount of breath on Di Bijia's body. These smells seem to disappear out of thin air. O'Brandy replied bitterly, "Lord Thebica was just shopping.". I was stabbed with a needle. And then when I came back, it was like this. ” "A needle?"? Is this it? Hua Yun took out the bottle of blue liquid from his body. Yes! This is it! Debekah saw the bottle of blue liquid in Huayun's hand. He nodded hurriedly and his face changed immediately. He looked at Hua Yun and said, "Brother Hua Yun!"! Are you also being. "Mmm!"! I also got a needle. Hua Yun nodded. Then why are you all right? Thepega looked at Huayun in surprise. There seems to be no change in Huayun. Oh? Strange Hua Yun checked his body. Suddenly he found out. All the energy in my body has disappeared. Aware of the disappearance of quantity,hot tub manufacturers, Hua Yun shook his head with a smile and said, "My energy has also disappeared.." Actually. The disappearance of energy is not a big problem for Hua Yun. Possessing a body above the rank of the true God. As long as the power of chaos does not disappear. Hua Yun doesn't need to worry. What I practice is the method of sacrifice of teacher Udian. This is the cultivation of the body and the initiation of the potential chaotic power of the Destiny. It's possible that I've been using chaos power for a while. So I didn't notice the energy was gone.. This thing. What the hell is it? How can it make our energy disappear completely? Hua Yun pointed to the bottle of blue liquid and asked Di Bijia. This is the inverse water. It can permanently eliminate all the energy of human beings. It was destroyed in ancient times. But I didn't expect to be here now. Finish. Tepega sighed deeply. Can all the energy be eliminated forever, including the soul energy? Hua Yun asked at the same time. Examined the soul energy in his body. After inspection. He found that some of the soul energy in his body was still there. It doesn't seem to disappear.

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There was only a glimmer of cold light. By Chu Tianming one after another to expose their own do those ugly things, Qingyun's face changed again and again, and finally issued a weak sigh. An act of God! It's God's will. Hanging his head, Qingyun is like a defeated rooster, suddenly lost all the fighting spirit, at this time he,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, even if Chu Tianming does not kill him. He will not have any achievements in the future. We had nothing to do with each other, but unfortunately, you made the wrong choice!