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Otherwise, if it is really unrequited love, how can there be such a righteous slap in the face of a serious girlfriend, Jiang Sicheng is still beside the bow in silence, like a criminal suspect, even pulling the action with embarrassment and shame. The large-scale black material of the sound of rain some time ago.. Tut, the water in the entertainment circle is really deep. Xuanwen looks careless, but she didn't expect to take the route of a tough woman. It is true that a man cannot be known by his appearance, and a man knows his face but not his heart, and the sea cannot be measured. ...... . People who eat melons are different from fans. Once they start to laugh, all kinds of rhythms can be brought out. So only one night, Xuan Wen's appearance, hairstyle, as well as some "famous sayings" on the variety show began to be made up into a mess of jokes and expressions. Don't tell me, it's quite meaningful. So, when the hubbub spread on the Internet and the public opinion began to turn to one side, Xuan Wen was so angry that she broke a mobile phone. System, didn't you say there would be no problem? Why did the director turn the tables? Give me an explanation! An illusory circular machine appeared in front of it, as if it were projected, and its voice was particularly cold. I said that the premise of no problem is that you have to fix Huo Xingchao first, but you did not do it,massage bathtub manufacturers, but let the sound of the rain take the lead, this is your own problem. Handle Huo Xingchao? "Do you think it's as simple as having a meal to fix Huo Xingchao?" Xuan Wen was exasperated. "What level are they?"? I am a poor female college student who has nothing. It is not easy for me to maintain this relationship until now! As a result, you gave me a broken variety show. If it wasn't for you, how could I end up like this?! "Don't forget, it's the broken variety shows I gave you that have brought you to this point." The machine turned around in front of her, glowing red, without the slightest fluctuation in tone, without any emotion. "If it weren't for me,whirlpool hot tub, you would still be an ordinary passer-by who looks at his former enemies but can't resist." ...... When Xuan Wen was in college, she was really not outstanding. She has no family, no background, and no appearance. Even the tuition fees for studying art and film Academy for so many years have brought great burden to the family. Her face, to tell the truth, is indeed the kind of sharp edges and corners of the "high-level face", if not makeup, in the eyes of ordinary people's aesthetic, in fact, is not very good-looking. But as long as the makeup is appropriate, it will leave a deep impression on the big screen. Unfortunately, at that time, Xuan Wen could not get the film resources. She can only play supporting roles in some TV dramas, and then earn some extra money for the crew. At that time, the sound of rain was the most famous student in their school. Because she is good-looking and has a lot of fans, 4 person jacuzzi ,Chinese spa manufacturer, since she acted in the first movie, she is the leading actress, and she is the kind of girl who is born with good luck. On one occasion, she starred in a harem drama to the school casting, Xuan Wen finally got the chance to audition, did a lot of preparation, and even in the audition, also won the director's appreciation. She thought that the role must be her own, but did not expect the news to come out, the role fell to the next class of Lin Suyu. Later, she learned that Lin Suyu and Yu Yusheng were best friends. At that time, the director hesitated between Lin Suyu and himself. It was Yu Yusheng who recommended Lin Suyu directly. Xuan Wen even has the heart to kill people. Her mother was seriously ill at home, and because of this audition, she could not rush back to see her mother for the last time, and even in order to vacate the schedule of the play, she turned down the leading role of the school graduation performance. She made so many preparations and gave up so many opportunities, but in the end, she destroyed all her hopes just because of a simple word from the other side. From that day on, the sound of rain was no longer the pursuit and dream in her heart. But her hate-filled enemies. It was on that day that she acquired a system. This system can fine-tune her appearance at no cost, help her get acting opportunities, enable her to successfully steal her boyfriend, and then shoot her into the abyss. Never turn over. Just charge it in time. Charge once every ten days, and one electricity consumes one day's life. It doesn't matter. As long as you succeed in reaching the peak, and then beat the sound of rain, it's only a year's life. Value. . So later, with the help of the system, she successfully applied to become a tutor for the youngest daughter of the Huo family. As the closest elder sister in the eyes of children, she successfully met Huo Xingchao, sometimes helped Xingying to advertise, and also got a rare praise and comment from Master Huo. This kind of relationship makes her walk a hundred times better in the entertainment circle. She knew in her heart that such a big man, as long as he did not go too far, would not care about these small actions at all. Then he got the chance to act in a variety show. Then step by step, she won the favor of the audience and Jiang Sicheng and took away her boyfriend. Then the next step is to push the sound of rain into the abyss and go to the top. Destroy the system. But at that moment, things suddenly began to go out of her line. She doesn't understand why. Obviously, when she just carried out Huo Xingchao, the director of the program group tended to compromise at all, but why did he suddenly turn against the water now? And what does the system mean when it says that the sound of rain has settled Huo Xingchao before her? ...... No way She had such good cards that she could not be scattered by the rain all at once. . Xuan Wen took a deep breath, pulled out the phone card from the broken mobile phone, then changed a new mobile phone and called her agent. Hey, Yi Jie, is there any room for public relations in this matter? Brokers actually want to scold her, rob other people's boyfriends also forget, do not know what crazy brain pumping, unexpectedly in the case of not discussing with the company, but also dare to provoke and discredit others, then the sound of the rain does not explode! So she sneered, "Why,endless pool swim spa, your Huo Dashao won't help you this time?" "Sister Yi, I know I did something wrong, but now is not the time to scold me."

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There was only a glimmer of cold light. By Chu Tianming one after another to expose their own do those ugly things, Qingyun's face changed again and again, and finally issued a weak sigh. An act of God! It's God's will. Hanging his head, Qingyun is like a defeated rooster, suddenly lost all the fighting spirit, at this time he,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, even if Chu Tianming does not kill him. He will not have any achievements in the future. We had nothing to do with each other, but unfortunately, you made the wrong choice!