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18 oct. 2022 à 3h43   Formation   Agadir   130 vues
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Liu Xiangqian looks like a playboy, conservative girls are estimated to be afraid to play with him, but Xu Xinhua does not mind, he can play well with Shen Zhinian, that character is no problem, coupled with a generous and humorous personality, rough and fine, when friends are more appropriate. I happened to meet him, and it was reasonable to invite him to dinner. Of course, Xu Xinhua also has a plan, with Liu Xiangqian, at least not so eye-catching, a little buffer she suddenly took her boyfriend to the store, the stimulation caused by her brother. Hearing this, Liu Xiangqian's eyes lit up and he didn't hold on to Shen Zhinian any more. "Time must be squeezed out, how?"? You've been dating for so long that you finally remembered to invite me to dinner! But why CUHK? I'm not picky, and I can eat in a small restaurant near the hospital. Xu Xinhua looked at Shen Zhinian with a smile, and Shen Zhinian automatically explained: "Xinhua's brother opened a restaurant next to the school." "I seem to have heard the younger brothers of the school say, is it called a'delicious restaurant '?" It seems that their restaurant has been "popular" at CUHK, and even Liu Xiangqian, an old senior who graduated, has heard about it. Seeing them nodding, Liu Xiangqian said happily, "Well, I've wanted to taste it for a long time.". I don't have much to do today. I'll ask Mr. Qi for leave and come back later at noon. It's no problem. "Then meet me at the door after work." Finally, in the name of inviting guests to dinner,temperature check kiosk, Liu Xiangqian, who was full of gossip, was sent away. Before he left, Liu Xiangqian was still teasing Shen Zhinian, saying that he was not as generous as his partner. After knowing him for so many years, he had never taken the initiative to invite himself to dinner. Xu Xinhua also answered with a smile: "Hush money, it should be." Liu Xiangqian thought of the picture he had seen before and laughed out loud, but he still made a sealed action with Jianghu morality: "Don't worry, I'm very disciplined." Watching his colleagues walk away,interactive whiteboard prices, Shen Zhinian held Xu Xinhua's hand and looked helpless: "You.." He thought she would be embarrassed, but he didn't expect her to joke with Liu Xiangqian about this kind of thing. The hospital got off work at twelve o'clock, and it took about ten minutes to walk from the hospital to the school, so when they arrived, the store was full of guests, and the business was no worse than when it opened with crazy discounts. Because the number of customers did not decrease, so Xu eldest brother and Xu second brother did not have strong support, as early as two days to accept Xu Xinhua's suggestion, please a helper aunt. Aunt Liu is about fifty years old, and her grandson has already gone to school. She is from the countryside. Her son is promising and has been admitted to university. After graduation, he works in Yangcheng. His wife, like his family, is a golden phoenix flying out of the countryside. Two young people do not have a reliable family, get married and start a career on their own, after all, there are work units, welfare housing distribution, but with children, interactive kiosk price ,face recognition identification kiosk, the young couple do not rely on the elders also have no way, dual workers really can not raise children, so they have to take over the mother of their hometown to help. Such a situation is normal, but Aunt Liu is different from other mothers who take care of their children in the city. She is a widow, and her children are all married and established. After listening to the introduction, Xu Erge's suspicion is heavier, friends, friends of colleagues,face detection android, are not all friends, why should we introduce separately, or say that the meaning of this friend is different.

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