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17 avr. 2023 à 5h52   Ingénierie   Safi   21 vues
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Wholesale Air Operator Double Diaphragm Pump Application Profession:聽 1. Construction and building : Cement, paint, sewage, pitch, etc.聽 2. Chemistry and petroleum : Chemical Agent, latex, adhesive , solvent, heavy oil, gasoline, etc.聽 3. Electronics industry : Resin, glaze , ceramics transferred and solvent, water circulatory system.聽 4. Fiber, leather , paper : Adhesive, glue , antiseptic, sludge, waste water.聽 5.聽Transferred equipment : Lubricating Oil, hydraulic fluid, cutting oil, release agent, waste oil.聽 6. Others : Ink, pottery clay thick liquid, motor oil.聽Wholesale Air Operator Double Diaphragm Pump website:

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Wholesale Air Operator Double Diaphragm Pump