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100w folding solar panel specification
Maximum power at STC*(Pmax)100Wp
Voltage at Pmax(Vmp)17.8V
Current at Pmax(Imp)5.62A
Open-Circuit Current(Isc)6.07A
Fold size550*1010*35mm
Net weight7.45kg
Maximum system voltage(Vmax)1000VDC
Operating  temperature-40潞C~+85潞C
Nominal operating cell  temperature(NOCT)45卤2潞C
Cell technologyMono siv
Why our 100w solar kit with stands are customized锛?/span>
1.Different structure folding solar panel stand
U shape folding solar panel stand
Folding panels of this structure can adjust the angle of the solar panels that touch the sun.
The legs are made of aluminum alloy so they are lightweight and can be folded to the back of the solar panel for storage.
Folding panels of this structure can adjust the angle of the solar panels that touch the sun.
H shape folding solar panel stand
This structure is particularly stable, distributing the weight of the folded solar panel over the four points where the legs touch the ground.
Folding solar panels are often used in outdoor activities, and this structure can continue to be used in windy and rainy weather. Of course, no one would choose to go out if it was a hurricane tornado.
Adjustable stand folding solar panel
The folded solar panel of this structure can be adjusted according to the angle that the solar panel needs to face the sun, and then fixed with a nut.This structure of course also has its drawbacks, increasing the time to open and secure the folded solar panel.vv
2.Different frame and back sheet  color
The choice of folding solar panels and/or backsheets can be either black or silver.
3.Custom solar accessories
We support one-stop customized service.
100w solar kit with stand includes 100w solar folding panels, solar controller, solar connector锛宻olar generatorwholesale Portable Solar Panel
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