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21 mars 2023 à 1h30   Électronique   Beni Mellal   31 vues
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Wholesale USB Extension Cable Usb 2.0 extension cable is a plane end with round head nut type design, with five pieces of accessories, so that the installation is more convenient and stable, 2 USB2.0 male head to two USB2.0 female head design, can be used for the extension of the interface cable, The cable gauge is 28AWG/1P+24AWG/2C+AL+48B OD: 4.5mm. It is made of environment-friendly PVC material, durable and waterproof. USB interface has become one of the standard interfaces of mainstream peripheral accessories, and even some high-grade keyboards and mice use USB interface to connect with the host computer. However, when using USB devices, we often find that due to the limited length of the wiring, the insertion and removal of the device is not so convenient. This is especially true in cases that don't have a front-facing USB port. Therefore, many people often use USB extension cables to facilitate the connection between USB devices and hosts. USB extension cords undoubtedly bring a lot of convenience to users, Our willingness to participate in the activities of promotion and communication industry, the company in the process of long-term development with excellent product quality, good product performance, leading technology advantage and the domestic many large enterprises have established long-term good cooperation partners, we also warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to visit our company, visit and technical exchanges! In terms of packaging, we use the PE bag individually packaged, using waterproof bag to package again before packing all the goods, in addition to using PE bag, we can also custom bags according to the requirements of users, we have automatic binding machine, automatic sealing machine and other equipment, with rich work experience staff operating the machine, convenient and quickWholesale USB Extension Cable website:

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