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After a while, the sky was near noon, and everyone acted according to their assignments. Zi Ling first held the dust banner, took Ying Qiong, Qingyun, Renying, Mi and Liu Erdi, and flew out of the front hole. At this time, Shi Nanxi and other sorcerers were extremely resentful because of repeated casualties. Although the attack had not been effective for many days, they still thought that the enemy's mastermind was not in the cave mansion. With only a nine-day yuanyang ruler and a few young men and women, as long as there was a gap, there was still a way to win, so they still used fierce thunder and fire to attack. Only Yin Su-tang, a bystander, expected that after many days of siege, none of the enemy leaders would return, and that there must be a comprehensive plan in advance. It was suggested several times that since it was difficult for the Fire Patriarch to arrive for a while, it would take a long time to besiege the enemy's mastermind and return to the mountain. Even if the Fire Patriarch arrived, it would be difficult to help. It is better to temporarily retreat the array and lure the enemy into battle. The other side has no magic to blockade the Xianfu for defense. Nine days yuan Yang Chi can only resist one side. It is expected that this group of children have no way. At least they can hurt a few of them and cover up their shy faces. Shi, Zheng and others did not begin to listen, several times will retreat, deliberately exposed flaws, good to lure the enemy rushed out. Who knows the other side has an idea early, give him an ignore. There were one or two women who went out against the enemy, either winning less or being rescued when they were defeated. It is so urgent that there is no place to use it. The Japanese history, Zheng and others in the restless hatred, decided to come to all out, while using fire, wind and thunder to attack, while losing some magic weapons, everyone at the same time each skill, work together to give the enemy a more victory, caught off guard. With the exception of Yin Su-tang, who thought it was not the best policy to retire early. On the pretext of preventing the enemy from rushing in from outside, he made an appointment with Shi Longgu, who was still defending in the air. The rest of them followed Shi and Zheng to launch at that time. The sorcerers here have just parted ways, and six people, including Zi Ling, Ying Qiong, Qing Yun, and Ren Ying, have turned into a colorful cloud with a dust banner. Yin Su-tang and Shi Lung-gu hid in the sky and were on their way when they saw a colorful cloud flying up from the other side of the mountain. It was as swift as lightning. In a twinkling of an eye,teardrop pallet racking, they came to the front and recognized the dust banner of Lady Baoxiang. They knew that the enemy was coming again. According to Shi Longgu, they will come forward to stop. Yin Su-tang knows that this treasure is extremely magical. If the enemy does not accept the treasure and appears to meet the enemy, with the support of colorful clouds, the ordinary magic weapon flying sword can not attack, but the enemy can release the magic weapon flying sword from inside to fight, winning or losing. He also added wisdom to see the faint brilliance flashing in the clouds, and the enemy's oncoming force was quite strong. This time, it was not as good as the last time. Shi, Zheng and others are not good acquaintances, and the current situation is absolutely difficult to please, so they take more steps to retreat and refuse to make muddy water. She wanted to see the face of the Golden Needle Mother, so she woke up Longgu. When she walked all the way, she felt embarrassed. Had to say that the enemy attack, not rushed out for help, is self-destructive. We don't have to show up first. If we let him pass and block his retreat, won't we turn work into leisure? As soon as he had finished speaking, the cloud had come near, and in a flash he threw himself into battle. Long Gu saw that Yin Su-tang had been negative for days, but at this time she refused to do it, so she was very dissatisfied. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly felt a red light behind him. Before he could turn around, industrial racking systems ,push back racking system, he heard someone in the back of his head shouting, "The evil spirit is exhausted. The doom is in front of us. Are you still dying like this?" Say, that piece of red light has covered the head of Longgu, also did not see who is coming, only feel dizzy, was taken away by the person with a magic weapon. Yin Su-tang first suspected that there was a magic weapon secretly used by the enemy. Hearing the sound and watching, a tall Taoist boy appeared in the red light. Holding a red bag in his hand, he bowed slightly towards himself and took Longgu away. In a twinkling of an eye, he disappeared into the horizon, leaving only a trace of residual red shadow in the clouds. He recognized that the man was the proud disciple of Tianlingzi in Yunnan. Knowing that Shi, Zheng and others must be doomed, they moved in their hearts and wanted to retreat. After all, the victory or defeat was not divided at this time, and he hesitated for a while for fear of meeting in another day. As soon as he descended to the sky in front of the array, he looked at the demon array and saw that a purple and a green brilliance were moving, just like two dragon rainbows, leaping in the array. Wherever he went, the demon atmosphere was scattered. When I fixed my eyes on it, I was surprised. It is expected that the sorcerers are bound to disintegrate. Even if they go on, there will be no victory. It is the best policy to get out as soon as possible. Then no longer into the array, the path from the escape light back to the jujube cliff. Don't mention it. Purple Ling and a line of six people will fly to the demon array, a glance to see the left near not far, there are two escape light parade, unexpectedly did not come forward to stop, guess is the enemy intended to lead the enemy into the array. Because the time has come, it is important to break the array, since the enemy does not come to stop, happy to save trouble, early start. Unexpectedly, Yin Su-tang was disloyal and was taken away by Xiong Xueer, so that many things happened in the future, which were left for later narration. Ziling waited for Caiyun to break into the demon array in a flash. Although the dust banner is magical, after all, it is not as good as the nine-day yuanyang Chi Xuantian treasure, and when the thunder and fire are the most intense, people feel a little shocked in the support of the clouds. Know fierce, dare not careless, then put the flying sword one after another, just in case. At this time, all around was a dark red, the wind roared, the flames filled the air, and the big thunder and fire went straight down, shaking the mountains and shaking the earth, and the momentum was really amazing. Six people are walking, suddenly opposite a big thunderbolt, with a dozen groups of big fire, such as lightning, hit will come over. The crowd had dust banners to protect themselves, and they couldn't help shaking a few times. Zi Ling knew that the enemy was coming, so she recited the words of truth and pointed her hand, and all six of them appeared from the clouds. Looking ahead, a demon burning Taoist nun flew across the place where the thunder and fire had passed, holding a red flag in her hand, on which many wind and cloud charms were painted. On the corner of the flag, flames were flying and sparks were rolling. As soon as they moved, the thunderbolt and fire were flying. This woman is Shi Nanxi's new love woman, Li Sigu, a pagan, evil spirit and soul-chasing girl. Seeing that Shi, Zheng and others were fighting with all their strength today, I and Shi Longgu had suffered from the Emei Sect in front of the Flying Thunder Cliff before, and I knew that my ability was not good. The enemy had nine days of yuanyang feet, and there was no place to use the charming sorcery and magic, so I asked Shi Nanxi for this easy job. I took the flag of Dutian Fire God on his behalf, and started the thunder fire from above. He thought that this flag had been cultivated by the Fire Patriarch for many years and had endless wonderful uses. When people met it, it became powder. Only a nine-day yuanyang ruler can resist,industrial racking systems, and the enemy must use it to fight below. If there is no one into the array, then, one is to die.

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Xia Yunsheng's attitude towards him became cold, on the contrary, he felt a kind of guilt towards his daughter. For the first time, he seemed to find that he owed a lot to Weilan,fine bubble diffuser, a girl who had always lacked warmth and love. She is so weak that she needs someone to protect her. That summer vacation, Xia Yunsheng specially asked for leave to accompany his daughter to travel to the seaside. Because there is a "blue" in the name, Weilan has been yearning for the sea since childhood.